The best restaurants for Gluten Free in Galway

Here is my list of my favourite restaurants in Galway that cater for Gluten Free. These are the places I've been to multiple times, that have great gluten free options and I've never had a problem with been glutened at any of them. Of course I still always mention I'm coeliac so they can take extra precautions when preparing the food. I'll continue adding to this list but for now these are the best ones :)



The Crazy Corn

Everything in here is gluten free, it was a lovely feeling ordering and not having to worry at all. Most of their ingredients are corn based and naturally gluten free. I had the Arepa and it was delicious. Arepa is a type of food made of ground maize dough stuffed with a filling and found primarily in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. 

[Link to The Crazy Corn menu]




Hooked is located on Henry street and have great options for Coeliacs. They understand about cross contamination and use separate fryers. My favourites from here included the battered fish and chips and the spicy coated Calamari.

[Link to their menu]

hooked galway calamari chips gluten free



Greens & Co

Green & Co is always a treat, they always have loads of gluten free options on the menu and they are 100% Vegan too. Anytime I go in they usually have new stuff to try on their menu too and I've never been disappointed.

greens and co gluten free 

[Link to Greens & Co menu]


La Collina

I really love La Collina, which is a little Italian restaurant in Salthill. The staff are always so friendly and well aware of gluten free. The pasta carbonara is the best. They usually have a gluten free cheesecake sometimes too, which is always delicious, if you can fit it in after a big feed of pasta.

gluten free pasta and cheescake

[Link to La Collina menu] 



Woooza pizza was phenomenal. I got the Margherita di Buffalo and cannot wait to try more. The base was light and crispy. When I called them they told me the gluten free pizza is cooked in a separate metal tray in the oven.



Lana has so many gluten free options. They're a Thai restaurant and take-away in Salthill and I just really love them. It is here where I had my first spice box! I usually get the Crispy Sweet Chilli Chicken with chips or a Spice Box.

 gluten free spice box galway

[Link to menu]



Brasserie is a really nice restaurant in town. Loads of gluten free options and the food is just incredible. I usually get the Sticky Korean Style Chicken or Sea Trout on the lunch menu.

gluten free restaurant galway

[Link to menu]



If you're looking for a really tasty gluten free burger on the west end of town, BóTOWN is great. Their staff are very knowledgable able gluten free and the chips are doing in a dedicated fryer. 

botown gluten free burger galway

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