Hidden sources of Gluten

Over the years there have been a good few times where I ingested or almost ingested gluten by accident. I complied the list here in case you are newly diagnosed as you might want to watch out for these.


1. Soy Sauce.

Well I never would have guessed soy sauce was made with wheat! It was a real pain when I realised this had gluten in it. It's possible to get gluten free soy sauce but most don't taste as good and can be extra salty. If you are using it when cooking make sure to not add any extra salt with this until after you have tasted it (I ruined a few dinners this way). I find the Asian stores quite good for GF soy sauce, my favourite one is "Lee Kum Kee Gluten Free Light Soy Sauce"


2. Chocolate

Chocolate has caught be out a couple of times over the years. The last time it was a delicious bar of Lindt salted caramel. I must have scanned the ingredients on the bar for "wheat"  but didn't notice the nasty "barley" written in bold until I had finished the last bite.


 3. Malt Vinegar

This is a confusing one.. some sources say that the gluten in malt vinegar is too low to be a threat but other sources say it is not safe for Coeliacs. So it's hard to know for sure but I generally just avoid it just in case.  


4. French Fries

Was having a lovely little trip over in NYC a couple of years ago and was having a great time until I realised most places coat their french fries in flour before deep frying.


5. Spices & Seasonings

Was about to enjoy a lovely roast chicken in my mam's house a while back and thought I better double check the labels on the spices she used. Thankfully I double checked because there was wheat in the one of them.


6. Ice-cream

Can you believe that gluten can be hidden in ice-cream. Make sure to always check the ingredients.


7. Mustard

Some mustard have wheat in them, found this out after eating a honey mustard glazed ham recently.


8. Cake Sprinkles

Not too sure why I just assumed cake sprinkles were gluten free, I had picked up a container of these and only just realised they have gluten in them after I took them home. I didn't eat any and was happy that I checked the label before using them.


9. Soup

You would think you are safe with soup but some restaurants will add in flour to thicken it. Always make sure to double check with the waiting staff.


10. Yogurt

On a little trip to Spain a few years ago, I realised I had been glutened and had no idea how until my brother realised there was wheat in the actual yogurt that he was using for our smoothies each day. 

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