Gluten Free in Brighton

Brighton was such an unreal week. The weather was sunny and the food was all amazing. I was super impressed with the Gluten Free options and the staff. Here is a list of my favourite eats there. Can't wait to go back and try more :) Don't forget to always mention to the staff that you are Coeliac so that they cna take extra precautions with preparing the food etc.

Wolfies of Hove

I loved the big 'gluten free' sign outside the door of Wolfies. I already had it on my list to visit as I had seen good reviews and it did not disappoint. The battered cod and fish was incredible. Could have been one of the best gluten free ones I've had. My mam ordered a regular one and she could not tell the difference between the two. Any of the fish on the menu could have been made gluten free and they also had gluten free sausages too.

gluten free fish and chips brighton wolfies


The Salt Room

Had a lovely meal on the Salt Room. We ordered the surfboard and a meringue sphere for dessert. Everything was super fresh and tasty. No allergens on the menu but when asked they said most dishes could be made gluten free. Highly recommend if you like sea food to check these out. 

 the salt room gluten free options brighton 



This might have been one of the best take-outs I've ever had. It was my first time trying Vietnamese food before. Everything we ordered was gluten free. The crispy wings, summer rolls, beef curry, salad and rice noodle dish. It was so refreshing to have so many options and not worry about gluten in any of the dishes.

pho vietnamese brighton



Another take-out that was amazing and everything we order again was gluten free and delicious.

piecaramba gluten free pies brighton



Crepe Affair

I was so impressed with the crepe from Crepe Affair. I got a savoury one - . I really wanted to get back here and try a sweet one but unfortunately I ran out of time. So this will be top of my list next time I come back to Brighton

crepeaffaire brighton gluten free

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