Best Gluten Free Pizza's in Galway

Let's talk about pizza!! If like me you’ve had a melt down or three since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, then I bet at least one was a result of never being able to enjoy a good pizza again. Rest assured my dear friends, there is hope out there for you. I have compiled a list of the best GF pizza places in Galway. 

I tried a different place every week or two over a few months and would happily go through it all again for you my dear readers. 

None of the restaurants are 100% gluten free but each one makes their best effort to ensure no cross contamination. However, there is always the risk of flour staying in the air. I was fine after eating from the following places but always make sure to mention you are Coeliac so that they can take extra precautions.


1. Woozza

This pizza was phenomenal. I got the Margherita di Buffalo and cannot wait to try more. The base was light and crispy. When I called them they told me the gluten free pizza is cooked in a separate metal tray in the oven.

gluten free pizza woozza galway


2. Gatto Rosso

This was lovely, the base was light and crispy and toppings were delicious. They're located just off Eyre Square and I would never have noticed them only someone messaged me about them on Instagram!


gatto rosso gluten free pizza galway


3. Monroes

This pizza was amazing. The base was really tasty and nice and light and the toppings were so fresh. The bacon and pepperoni were super crispy 🤤

gluten free pizza monroes galway


4. Menlo Park Hotel

I had heard that the menu in the Menlo Park Hotel is 96% Gluten Free so of course I had to go in an and test it out. I got the Cajun Chicken pizza - With jalapeños, red onion & mini stuffed peppers. It was absolutely delicious. The base was nice but it was the toppings that really made it. 

gluten free pizza menlo park hotel galway

A couple of others didn't make the list like Dough Bros and Milanos.. while they are quite good, the bases were just not good enough to make the list. I find the gluten free Dough bros way too crispy to the point where your jaw hurts after it. 

Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree or if I have missed any??

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