A gluten free week in Rome

Coming too Rome for a week? I learned it’s impossible to get everything done in a week so just relax and don’t panic, it’ll take a few trips! I have listed out below all the places I ate on this trip. Overall it was one of the best trips I've ever had, the food, the city and everything was incredible. It is a bit nerve-racking as a Coeliac going to the home of pizza and pasta and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of gluten free options and awareness of staff of gluten free.  


Mama Eat

This was the no. 1 place on my list as it’s recommended so much in reviews from fellow Coeliacs. And I will tell you it did not disappoint. Pistachio pizza was incredible. The crust was so fluffy and light. Never would have thought pistachio with a load of different melted cheese would work but it really does. They only serve gluten free here. We came back again to try a buffalo cheese pizza and the amatriciana pasta. The pasta sauce was delicious. The croquettes were cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside.

best gluten free pizza mama eat rome


Sans De Blu Bakery

Another fully dedicated gluten free bakery in Rome. I dropped into this 100% dedicated gluten free bakery on the way to the pasta making class as it was just around the corner from the restaurant where the class was being held. The bakery was filled with delicious freshly baked goods and it was really difficult to choose what to get. I ended up leaving with an apple filled croissant and a cannoli. Both delicious, the pastry was definitely some of the best gluten free ones I've had.

sans de blue gluten free bakery rome


New Food Ponte Sisto Gluten Free

A cute little bakery with loads of sweet and savoury treats. all gluten free. we tried an ancient Roman food called “rice balls”. These were basically fried rice balls with melted cheese and coated in a delicious crumb. Of course I had to pick up a donut and a croissant too. Both delicious. We stayed not too far away form here so I came back here twice for more goodies. I had a spinach pastry another day which was so tasty. The pastry was really light and flaky. The chocolatey nutella canolli just melted in your mouth. 

gluten free dedicated bakery rome



A healthy lunch was needed to be had after the debauchary of pizza and pasta the first few days of the trip. Pandali is fully gluten free and plant based. The veg chickpea curry was delicious with rice and spinach. I couldn’t walk past the gluten free desserts without trying one, that would be rude! Went for the patacio cake as it has been a very good week for patacio so why not. It was beyond incredible , a light fluffy moist cake with such incredible flavour.

pandali gluten free vegan rome


Ciao Checca

For lunch we went into the city center and found a little cafe called “Ciao Checca”. Their thing is “slow street food”. I got the pasta with pumpkin sauce and bacon. The sauce was so creamy and the bacon super tasty. Totally delicious. Everything in there looked so good.


ciao checca rome gluten free pasta

Voglia di Pizza

They had a gluten free menu and I got the Diavola and my partner got the Calzone so I could try both. The base was lovely and thin and really tasty. I’ve never tried a calzone before and was surprised, I thought it was going to be really heavy with too much dough but it was so full of veggies, and egg and ham. I would definitely order again. 

gluten free pizza in rome vogila


Grom is a fully gluten free ice cream shop with locations all over Rome. I had to stop in for an ice cream and on this day I got the chocolate and hazelnut one with a gluten free cone. I'm not a massive ice cream fan but this was delicious.
grom gluten free ice cream shop in rome

Celiacchimo Lab

A dedicated gluten free store not too far away from the Vatican. This place was amazing with lots of products, all types of flour and sweet and savoury snacks pasta and loads more. There was a little fresh bakery in here too with options for pizza and pastries too. It was really cool, but I did notice that the process of some things like the flours were a lot more expensive than they were in some of the other regular supermarkets. 
coeliac store dedicated to gluten free products and bakery
Let me know if I missed any, I can't wait to go back again, Italy is my new favourite place. 

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