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Glutened Bag

Glutened Bag

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A few weeks ago I was on a work trip. Sitting at the dinner table with my colleagues after an intense and productive week and it was finally time to let our hair down. Suddenly, a fellow coeliac colleague of mine locked eyes with me. His exaggerated look of shocked anguish was that of a man who had known only too well the damage one little crumb can do to an intestinal tract. He pushed a menu towards me and pointed in a most grim reaperish fashion at the ingredients of the samosa I had just eaten.........'contains wheat'. (Note: there was a mistake on the menu, it also had a gluten free logo). A shiver went down my spine and I felt the Spector of a  clammy hand on my shoulder - my night out was over. 

I went back to my hotel room feeling sorry for myself. After a couple of hours of intense hydration and self-pity I decided to make the most of my enforced solitude. 

I sketched a 'glutened' version of the death card as a homage to all those poor souls who's nights out had been so mercilessly cut short my the most evil of creatures - The Gluten Reaper!


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